Family Law

Overview of Common Types of Florida Family Law Issues

Family law proceedings encompass a wide range of potential issues. Retaining a skilled divorce attorney is a wise course to protect a party’s rights and interests in a family law proceeding.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce Cases

Two broad categories of marriage dissolution matters are contested and uncontested divorces. An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties generally reach agreement regarding most of the major issues associated with terminating a marriage. On the other hand, a contested divorce is a case in which the spouses are not in agreement. Common areas of disagreement are the division of assets and debts, alimony, and issues involving children such as time-sharing

A divorce attorney actually is helpful in both types of cases. Legal representation ensures a protection of rights and interests in a contested case. Often times a lawyer is able to assist in the settlement of a contested, litigated case which saves the parties’ valuable resources.

Paternity Actions

Paternity actions are judicial proceedings designed to legally determine the paternity and rights of the father. A lawyer is vital in a paternity action. These can be complicated and emotionally charged proceedings that call for experienced legal representation.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements are utilized in a wide range of family law cases. These include divorce settlement agreements, paternity settlement agreements, and settlement agreements associated with the modification of existing court orders. The proper drafting of a settlement agreement is imperative. This is best accomplished through the assistance of a skilled family law lawyer.

Child Support

Issues surrounding child support can prove to be highly contentious. This is so even through Florida sets forth statutory child support guidelines that delineate generally the parameters of child support in a particular situation. Other factor can also come into play such as the imputation of income to one party, health insurance, and day care costs.

Retaining the services of a family law attorney ensures the protection of a party’s interests at all stages of proceedings including post-judgement matters.

Modification Proceedings

Custody, time-sharing, child support, and other family law orders are all subject to modification based on a substantial change in circumstances. Legal representation is just as important at this stage as it is in earlier proceedings.

Retain a Capable Family Law Attorney

No matter the specifics of a family law matter, taking a proactive stance and retaining a divorce attorney is imperative. A person facing a divorce, custody, or other type of family law matter needs an experienced family law attorney. Please call Miriam J. Fisher, Esquire, for experienced, competent, compassionate legal representation.