How to Estimate What Your Personal Injury Case May Be Worth

When you’re pursuing a personal injury case, you’ll certainly want to know how much you could receive in compensation. It’s difficult to put a monetary value on each injury because there are so many components that go into each case. It’s especially difficult to determine the value of pain and suffering. That said, our team here at Miriam J. Fisher Esq. P.A. could provide you with some ways to estimate what your case may be worth.

Per Diem

When using the per diem method, which is generally used by the court, a victim is getting a certain amount of money for each day he’s suffered since his injury. The value is generally calculated based on the victim’s income but can be arbitrary as well. This method is not used to replace the victim’s income, but to provide a supplement for the pain the victim has suffered.


This method takes the total medical expenses and multiplied anywhere between 1.5 to four times. Significant injuries usually receive the higher multiplier, and less significant injuries receive lower. Higher multipliers could be used when the victim was injured as the result of egregious behavior, such as driving while intoxicated.

Case Comparison

This is a very complex method in where your attorney compares your case to similar cases that occurred in the past. The victim receives the amount of money in line to what other victims with like-injuries received.

If you’ve been injured in some type of accident, please contact our firm today. There’s no doubt that the experience of a personal injury lawyer in Tampa can help you understand how compensation will be calculated and how much you can expect. We cannot guarantee any specific outcome, but we have the knowledge and experience behind us to help you with your situation.

Tips for Moving Through the Legal Custody Process

When it comes to divorce, child custody is one of the worst parts of the divorce process. Your experienced Tampa divorce attorney understands that no parent wants to lose his or her child. However, it’s in the child’s best interests if you move through the process quickly, so that your child can start to move on after the divorce. Keep in mind that child custody can always change, so if the arrangement is not what you wanted, there’s no saying it can’t change somewhere down the road. Here are some tips on getting through the divorce process so that life can go on for everyone involved as provided by the team at Miriam J. Fisher Esq. P.A.

The Primary Caregiver

Which parent takes care of your child the most? You need to remember that your child’s life is being turned upside down, so he needs some sense of normalcy. If there is one parent who takes care of the children the most that may by the parent that needs to be the primary parent.

Providing a Stable Home

Which parent can provide the most stable home? Yes, changes are evident in both parent’s lives, but which parent is keeping the family home? If the family home is selling as part of the divorce process, consider the neighborhoods that each parent is moving too, along with the school districts. Consider the environment of both parents when determining where the child will live.

Child custody is not easy because both parents love their child and don’t want to lose them. No matter your feelings towards your ex, consider the feelings of your child first and find a way to make it work. Everyone will settle into a new routine and everyone will find a new normal, even one filled with happiness.

Contact our team for more information on child custody. Our Tampa family law attorney will help transition you through this new process.

Secure Back Rent with an Experienced Landlord Tenant Attorney on Your Side

If you are a landlord and your tenant is not paying rent, it’s possible you can sue your tenant for the rent owed. You can also take it a step further and request that the court evicts your tenant for lack of payment. Before doing this you need to ask the tenant for rent. If you’ve not formally submitted a demand for rent, the court will not accept your case.

Formal Rent Demand

Your rent demand should be in written form and include the following information:

A statement that you want the rent.
A statement that says you’ll evict the tenant if the balance remains unpaid.
The total amount of rent owed.
Additional charges such as utilities, water and tax bills.

The demand for rent must be provided to the tenant at least three days before you file with the court. It’s important to note that another person must deliver the statement to the tenant. If the tenant does not respond by paying the demanded rent, you can begin your case in court.

Landlord-Tenant Attorney

If you’re going to go ahead and pursue this, you’ll need to retain a Tampa tenant attorney. Your attorney will know exactly what to do, the timeframe for getting it down and the laws in which to file the paperwork under. A Tampa landlord attorney can work with you in order to secure the rent that is owed to you.

There are a number of certain steps you must take to be successful in securing back rent and evicting your tenant. The law office of Miriam J. Fisher Esq. P.A. Attorney at Law can protect your interests and rights as a landlord. There may even be times when aggressive litigation is needed in order to ensure you receive your back rent. So contact our firm today for more information on how to proceed.